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June 11

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is nearly mid June, but I have been busy with my encaustic work and am happy to send you to https://allthingsencaustic.com/plaster-surface/ where you will see what i have been up to working with plaster and encaustic.

I am now preparing a schedule for some demo's here at 7 Spring St. here in Westport.  I do hope you will be able to come.  Other arts to be scheduled include Cement Art, Polymer Clay Buttons and Beads, and Hand Lettering.  I hope you can join me!

Some other new events here will include other local artists also. Stay tuned for the details coming soon.

August 10,2017

Aside from wondering why the days seem to go by so very fast, I am excited to let you know that I hope to have a new line of art supplies.  I have been corresponding with a wonderful resin company.  Their products can be used for many art and craft applications, and needs no mixing and cures in the sunlight, or with any UV light.  Stay tuned!

It is the end of September now, and I hope the end of this dreadful heat wave.  They say it will be gone by this evening, and I sure hope so!                                                           Even though the lovely sun has been very good for curing the new resins that I have been experimenting with.  These Solarez resins are absolutely amazing, promise!                                   So come back soon as my product is coming this week and I will have photos to show you, and maybe even a video....

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How time flies..... it is now October 27, 2017 and Halloween is just a couple of days away.  I have a couple of baby pumpkins to create some spooky faces, or even just some fancy artwork.  I have seen so very many wonderful carved pumpkins, I am reluctant to even try.  However....  

More recent hews concerns my foray into working with resin, and becoming a distributor for Solarez resin products in Canada.  I and a few artist friends have been experimenting with this amazing sun/UV cure family of polyester and epoxy resins.  Soon Canadian artists working with resin will have access to this product, so keep tuned for more information coming soon.

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June 23, 2018

Georgia D Art Biz is undergoing some major changes.  Downsizing the shop to fewer supplies is a huge challenge for me.  

So many folks have asked if I teach workshops, that I have decided to increase my efforts to provide some quality learning in Encaustic painting and working with Polymer Clay.  

At this time, I am going to continue with what I call "Create Your Own Workshop", as they have proved to be very successful.  How it works:  up to four persons can get together and request both a topic and a work date (or several dates), and we then finalize the date and the topic.  For example, say three friends want to learn to make polymer beads which they can then make into their own jewelry.  We set a date and a time and they share the cost of the session, which would be $80.00 for a two hour workshop, or $27.00 each,   (were there four participants each would pay $20.00).  Materials will be available for purchase if participants wish.  So‍‍‍me sessions will provide materials as part of the fee and depending on the topic.

For details on any or all of the topics below, please send an email to [email protected]

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Addenda to the above:  

Some additional topics for your consideration to "Create Your Own Workshop":

One Stroke Watercolour Painting

Stencilling -- Creating and using stencils

Book Making and Altered Books


Cement Garden Art

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