Art Supplies





With the new season we now have new products in the


We now carry many colors of Tri-Art's liquid acrylic

paints and high viscosity colors, as well as many acrylic      


We also carry Tri-Art basic oil paint colors and mediums,

along with wood and canvas supports, papers, and an

assortment of brushes.

Our line of Enkaustikos supplies for encaustic painting

has also grown, with accessories especially for hot wax


Here you will also find a complete range of Premo!

polymer clay and Souffle colours, complemented with a

good selection of clay accessories.

‍‍‍Please feel free to call for information

I hope you will be able to stop in and meet me.  

If you have any special requests for supplies, I will try

to find them for you.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

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Do you use resin in your jewelry making?  Stay tuned for some great new product.  This resin cures in the sunlight or other UV light, needs no mixing and is absolutely crystal clear.  It can be molded or used for doming or dipping.  

Will be here shortly with more news...